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About Us

We at Sandler Brothers have a track record of providing the highest quality products, a record that dates back to 1945. Much like our products, we pride ourselves on having top of the line customer service.


A little about our background; in 1994 Mori Herscowitz took over Sandler Brothers and behind his passion and clear vison has taken it to new heights with the addition of 3 separate divisions and the acquisition of 5 additional companies aptly titled the Sandler Brothers Group. We have expanded due to our ground breaking strategies, growing new industries and setting up multiple locations and shipping points throughout the Western United States and beyond. Our future is bright and we will continue to provide cutting edge products and the best services.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments and we welcome and appreciate your business!


Sandler Brothers believes strongly in community outreach, with giving back being the cornerstone of moral character. Our mission is to provide products and or services to populations who might not otherwise have access and who are lacking in resources. If you or your organization has needs that we can potentially fill, please reach out to us with your request. sales@sandlerbros.com

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